Tuesday, October 11, 2011

“Occupy”: For, Against, Not Sure, and the opportunity to act the part

The phenomena of “occupy” is by no means new. The generally considered positions (especially for survey/polling) regarding an issue such as "occupy" are: for, against, not sure. However, the phenomena "occupy" allows a grand opportunity to point out a fourth type of  position.

A fourth position emerges many times regarding an issue, and the fourth position doesn’t receive much attention. The “occupy” phenomena is allowing for clear identification of the fourth position: above a position-position.

The above a position-position avoids any root central issues, adds absolutely no insight, and is merely the self indulgent opportunity to act the part of the highly educated tutor of issues. It is a one episode play with a self centered plot. The self appointed actor in this one act play purposely takes on character attributes of the highly astute instructor of issues.

In the final analysis the above a position-position is merely a one act self centered play with its central theme being please-see-me as educated and astute.

Take note how many times you can identify the above a position-position .

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