Tuesday, March 1, 2011

State Debt Threatens ObamaCare?

State governments are broke and some states appear on the verge of bankruptcy. There are plenty of components to the financial woes of the several and many states. One of the components is Medicaid. State budgets are straining under existing Medicaid costs.

ObamaCare is predicated on expanding Medicaid rolls exponentially. State governments would be crushed by the added expense of expanded Medicaid participants and their associated cost. Further, the crushing additional cost would be atop the existing Medicaid rolls that appear unsustainable from a state budget prospective. That is, adding a crushing cost atop an unsustainable cost creates an impossible cost.

Meanwhile, Obama is now taking a position that states can opt-out of ObamaCare as long as they institute a plan exactly like ObamaCare. Huh?

Take four minutes and watch the above video with Larry Kudlow and Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas discussing Medicaid's crushing costs and Obama's new non-proposal proposal.

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  1. here's another article on how the administration failing to maintain a solid position on ObamaCare http://blogs.forbes.com/aroy/2011/02/01/the-individual-mandate-is-a-tax-or-isnt-or-is/