Saturday, February 11, 2012

Contraceptive Compromise? Betsy McCaughey vs. Igor Volsky

In the video above note that Igor Volsky states the “free” contraceptive is paid as “part of the premium” paid, then reframes his position as “straight from the insurer…out of the reserves of the insurer”. Volsky might want to consider he doesn’t understand the difference between insurance premium and an insurer’s reserve. That Volsky first argues part of the premiums is a cost and hence no free lunch then turns around and argues that an insurance company’s “reserve” pays and hence it is free lunch time.

Later in the video Volsky attempts to frame ObamaCare as the ability to freely choose. First of all if freedom of choice was the overriding concept then there would be no reason for ObamaCare. What Igor Volsky is attempting to frame as free choice is: choice by a central authority [the plans of the few] has authorized as the choice ObamaCare, and then one can choose from a predetermined choice. Hence choice is framed as choice of a predetermined choice which by definition is not choice. It’s an argument of political dupery.

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