Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Political Constituency Building in Fail-Safe Mode

Public debt in percent of GDP (2010), CIA fact book 09/2011

Particular politicos that champion more or constant spending in the face of unsustainable debt loads point out that their particular political constituency recipient groups enjoy their particular taxpayer funded transfer payment and do not want benefits cut. Go figure.

Its an interesting argument in that the politico points to their own purposely politically built constituency group, funded through taxpayer dollars, and state the recipient group enjoys their taxpayer funded benefit. Problem being the benefit would not exist without the purposeful creation of the benefit by the politico to garner political constituency. Go figure x 2.

In essence, the politico purposely created a dependent recipient class and now points to the purposely created group in its “constituency form“ i.e. in its voting block form. Stated alternatively, the political constituency building episode is a fail-safe, in that, the politico purposely built a dependency class through political promises all the while knowing that the dependent political constituency class will never give up its dependency benefit and hence act as purposely designed and call for supporting the particular politico for more or constant spending.

“The state is the great fiction by which everybody seeks to live at the expense of everybody else“.

- Frederic Bastiat

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