Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Morgan the Cow, a Humble Amish Farmer, and the FDA

'Among a half dozen speakers who railed against the FDA was Jonathan Emord, a Washington lawyer who specializes in representing individuals and business hit on by the the FDA. He may become involved in the Allgyer case, in which the FDA has sought a permanent injunction against the farmer for shipping raw milk to the food club outside Pennsylvania. Emord gave a pretty fiery speech for a lawyer.

"When a major pharmaceutical company commits fraud in a new drug application, or markets a drug that causes heart attacks and strokes in tens of thousands of people, far from stopping the company, the FDA stands in defense of it.

"But when a humble Amish farmer dares sell unpasteurized milk, the FDA gets down to business...FDA spent a year investigating Dan and entrapping him...They should be ashamed of themselves! This nation was built by yeoman farmers just like Dan Allgyer." ' -

Link to the entire article appears below:

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