Saturday, June 25, 2011

Release of the Strategic Nut Reserve

Dateline: Your Backyard.

In a move to boost economic activity the Supreme Squirrel announced from the Oval Patio he has determined that releasing nuts from the Strategic Nut Reserve will alleviate current nut supply problems and drive down the price of nuts. However, the Supreme Squirrel determined he will not resupply the nut reserve, he merely will put nuts into the supply chain.

Many squirrel pundits immediately pointed out that the nut reserves being released on the market is only a 36 hour nut supply and will do little to reduced the price of nuts. However, proponents of the nut release point out that speculation has been occurring on the SNX (Squirrel Nut Exchange) and that the released supply of nuts will ring out marginal nut speculators hence reducing the price of nuts.

Others complain that the Department of Nuts, formed in 1977, by then Supreme Squirrel Nut Carter III has done little more than take up oak tree space and reduce nut supply.

A separate news conference was also held at the Third-Maple-Tree-from-the-Fence in which attendees discussed long run supply and that squirrels are losing their long held reputation as store'rs-of-nuts. Squirrel exceptionalism was the headline topic.

Meanwhile, other squirrel nut leaders gathered at The-Big-Oak-Next-to-the-Garbage-Can and called for more subsidies for renewable nuts. Wax fruit and nut manufacturers were heard complaining about the recent reduction in subsides regarding wax nut technology.

At the Old-Toledo-Scales-Sitting-Over-by-the-Shed, Milton Fredrick Squirrel pointed out the need for a long term solution. That nut market intervention and over nut regulation is impeding nut markets.

A statement was also issued at The-Down-Spout-by-the-Rain-Barrel in which gathered squirrels advocated their long held position of Gather-Baby-Gather!

The day's activity did not amuse the Oak Producing Exporting Coppice.

In other news, John B. Squirrel, leader of the House of Nuts, stated the progressives always make the argument that [paraphrasing] "....if we began gathering nuts right now it would not effect nut prices for years to come...". John pointed out that the apparent nut logic is:

(1) the medium and long run do exist, but the medium and long run are not related in any way to the short run,

(2) the short run has no relationship to the medium and long run especially when it comes to price,

(3) that somehow, someway the period "long run" [a future period] is not supplanted by the short run [a present period].

John went further by explaining the fallacy with this particular nut logic ["....if we began gathering right now it would not effect nut prices for years to come..."]  is that "price" is in fact a signal and is in fact influenced by the short, medium and long run albeit at different degrees. The nut logic appears to leave one always in the present [short run] when in fact time does march on and the present [the short run] does in fact find its way into the future [the short run finds its way into what was once the past long run]. In 1970 we might say that 2011 was the super long run. Today, in 2011, we find ourselves in the the short run [present] of the once considered super long run.

John went onto to point out that gathering now for the future has always been the best path to squirrel prosperity.

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