Tuesday, May 10, 2011


" If the progress of socialistic legislation be arrested, the check will be due, not so much to the influence of any thinker as to some patent fact which shall command public attention; such, for instance, as that increase in the weight of taxation which is apparently the usual, if not the invariable, concomitant of a socialist policy". - A.V.Dicey (1)

(1) Lectures on the Relation between Law and Public Opinion, (1914 ed.), p 302.

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  1. I checked this book from the university library and gave it a once-over. (I got the 1904 edition. It was pretty popular in its day.) Dicey took a high and philosophical approach to The Law. He claimed that "Benthamism" (individualism justified by utilitarianism) was also the root for socialist and collectivist laws because they claim to create the greatest good for the greatest number - and to do so by manipulating the letter of the law.

    His book grew out of a series of lectures that he was invited to give here in the USA at Harvard Law School.

    It's worth a read.