Thursday, April 19, 2012

Barney Frank on ObamaCare 04/15/2012: A Political Mistake

“You think Obama overinterpreted his mandate with health care?

 The problem with health care is this: Health care is enormously important to people. When you tell them that you’re going to extend health care to people who don’t now have it, they don’t see how you can do that without hurting them. So I think he underestimated, as did Clinton, the sensitivity of people to what they see as an effort to make them share the health care with poor people. I think we paid a terrible price for health care. I would not have pushed it as hard. As a matter of fact, after Scott Brown won, I suggested going back. I would have started with financial reform but certainly not health care.”
- In Conversation: Barney Frank, by Jason Zengerle,, 04/15/2012

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