Friday, April 16, 2010

ObamaCare: Congress passes a law they don't understand

It has become increasing apparent that the U.S. Congress has passed a law known as ObamaCare and they have no earthly idea what the language of the law actually means.

Yes, Congress has passed a law that they themselves do not understand. Is that the definition of good government? You make the call.

Every day a new possible consequence of the law makes headlines with absolutely no one in congress or the federal government able to fathom what the possible consequence really means as they don't understand the language of the ObamaCare law recently passed. No firm explanation is forth coming when questions are posed.

Newest ObamaCare questions with no answers. Newest consequences based on limited understanding of the law. Try these:

(a) State run high risk health insurance pools have been granted, by the ObamaCare
bill, $5 billion to create or expand high risk pool programs, but no one can explain how these risk pools will work.(1)

(b) without any rules written within the legislation the entire health care system and health insurance system has been placed in limbo, (2)

(c) Yum Brands (Pizza Hut and KFC) attempted to estimate the cost impact of ObamaCare regarding their operations in 2014 and ended with a gray area figure of between $20 and $30 million, (3)

(d) six more states have joined the initial lawsuit challenging federal health care reform (bringing the total to 13 states), (4)

Shall we go on? Oh why not!

(e) the insurance commissioner of the state of Georgia refuses to participate in ObamaCare, (5)

(f) members of congress have found that ObamaCare will affect their own personal coverage. They have inadvertently written a law removing their own health-care insurance coverage as it exists currently, (6)

(g) ObamaCare will create a shortage of doctors, (7)

(h) ObamaCare creating hospital monopolies in smaller communities, (8)

For even more consequences check these two links:

Why so many unknown consequences and no point of reference?

The consequences cropping up daily are directly related to passing unread and un-debated legislation. Congressional members who rely on staffers to write legislation then do not bother to read and debate the legislation have created an environment of health-care participants moving in a variety of directions given limited understanding of the law. When clarification of the law is sought, no answer is forth coming. No answer is forth coming as the authors of the law don't themselves understand the law. Absolutely brilliant!

Insurance Contracts and "easy read format"

Beyond unread and un-debated legislation, ObamaCare is basically setting mandated guidelines for insurance contracts albeit "unknown" guidelines. Insurance contracts, for the direct benefit of consumers, were re-written many years ago into "easy read format". In the past insurance contracts were written by lawyers for lawyers. The average consumer could not understand insurance contracts.

Enter the "easy read format" insurance contract. Years ago the National Association of Insurance Commissioners promoted the "easy read format". Insurance contracts were re-written so the average consumer could understand. Today many insurance contracts appear in easy read format and consumer understanding of scope of coverage has increased significantly. (9) (10) (11)

Since insurance contracts are written in easy read format to increase consumer understanding, congressional legislation regarding "insurance" should adopt the easy read format so the same legislators who pass bills into law can understand the law they have in fact passed. The easy read format would also allow the electorate better understanding.

But wait a minute. "168 Representatives and 57 Senators have a law degree". (12) Hence we have 225 congressional legislators that are in fact attorneys. Attorneys that can't answer questions about legislation they passed a mere three weeks ago. There is something extremely wrong with this picture.

Hence our congressional representatives have passed a law that no one including themselves understand. This is apparently good government by Washington beltway standards.













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