Saturday, February 21, 2015

ACA/Obamacare: Behind the Enrollment Numbers

“ObamaCare’s enrollment in its second year is at 11.4 million people, a total far exceeding the 7 million who signed up last year.”

“Here’s three reasons why it is getting better numbers for ObamaCare 2.0:

A functioning

The first year of ObamaCare enrollment was largely defined by its barely functional, $2 billion website, The mess of glitches prevented millions from logging on and made headlines nationally.

New faces

The Obama administration tapped Burwell to take over at the agency after flak from Democrats over last year’s botched rollout.

A more targeted outreach

After millions of people gained insurance for the first time last year, the administration shifted its focus to groups who were more likely to remain uninsured – Latino and black populations.

HHS nearly tripled the amount of dollars spent to reach Spanish speakers, relying on networks TeleMundo and Univision and running ads during popular telenovelas.” - Three reasons ObamaCare is up,, 02/20/2015

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