Thursday, April 21, 2011

Protesting their own demand for pollution?

After watching the above video one will note a fully stocked, climate controlled convention center complete with chairs, tables, podium, microphone, etc.. The convention center is filled with people wearing cloths, shoes, ear rings, glasses, assorted makeup, etc.. These participants are carrying ipods, cell phones, smart phones, back packs, etc..

Meanwhile we have a parade with costumes including plastic helmets, pre-printed signage, matching underwear, etc..

The conventioneers and parade participants traveled to and from the convention and parade in trains, planes and automobiles which include steel, plastic, rubber, etc..

Feel free to add to the list here -> ___________ .

“In fact, the people responsible for pollution are consumers, not producers. They create, as it were, a demand for pollution“. - Milton Friedman

Hence we have a group protesting their own demand for pollution. Even if you took into account their minimalist approach, they would still be protesting their own demand for pollution. Where is George Orwell when you need him!

“One source of atmospheric pollution is the carbon dioxide that we all exhale. We could stop that very simply. But the cost would clearly exceed the gain.” - Milton Freidman

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