Friday, September 25, 2009

The Socialized Medicine Scheme: Senate Finance Committee to vote on unknown scope of coverage and unknown price.

In the process of purchasing an insurance program one raises questions. Basically questions are raised concerning:

(a) the scope of coverage,

(b) policy language,

(c) the price of the insurance.

The answers to the above questions then become the factors regarding a cost/benefit analysis of the purchase or non-purchase of an insurance program.

In the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday 09/23/2009 several Republican members asked to see the Max Baucus Health Care Bill’s final language so they can read the Bill before they vote on the Bill. Further, they wanted to have the price of the bill determined before they voted on the Health Care Bill. (1) (2)

The answer was NO. Really, the Democrats said NO.

Imagine for a moment that you entered an insurance broker’s office to discuss an insurance program. When you ask what the policy covers, you are told the scope of coverage is “unknown“. How in the world can you have an insurance discussion without knowing the scope of coverage?

Lets assume you then ask to see the policy language. If the scope of coverage is unknown then the policy language would have to be unknown as well.

OK, we don’t know what the policy covers, we can’t see the policy language, so out of frustration we ask what this unknown coverage costs? The answer is that the cost is unknown.

At this point, the rational consumer of insurance would leave this insurance discussion.

The Democrats in the Senate Finance Committee want to vote on a Socialized Medicine Scheme based on unknown scope of coverage, unknown policy language, and unknown price.




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