Saturday, February 25, 2017

ACA/Obamacare: What Does a Replacement Plan for Obamacare Plan Look Like?

"We believe the American health care system is desperately in need of reform. The Affordable Care Act has failed to achieve its goal of affordable, universal coverage. Instead it has forced people, especially those in middle-income households, to choose from insurance plans with deductibles that are unreasonably high and provider networks that are too narrow to adequately help many afflicted with serious health problems.

The following proposals would vastly improve coverage by making health insurance affordable for all and by ensuring access to reliable medical care. They are incorporated in bicameral legislation introduced in the House and the Senate by Rep. Pete Sessions and Sen. Bill Cassidy and in the Patient Freedom Act, sponsored by Sen. Cassidy". - Replacing Obamacare and Insuring the Uninsured, The Independent Institute, 02/13/2017

Some highlights are:

(1) uniform tax credit for people buying their own health insurance coverage,

(2) tax credit can be used toward coverage in the individual market or the credit is transferable to an employer willing to purchase group health insurance for the individual,

(3) portability between individual and group health insurance coverage,

(4) integrate Medicaid and private insurance for seamless coverage,

(5) remove incentives for dumpling plans onto the individual market via “health status risk adjustments”,

(6) removal of mandate and the use of Medicare type penalty rates (higher premiums) for those not signing up for coverage when first eligible.

Note: At the link below one can download the “Executive Summary”.

Note (B): A more detailed discussion appears at this link:

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