Friday, August 26, 2016

ACA/Obamacare: Rocky Exchange Road in Good Old Rocky Top

‘Tennessee’s insurance regulator, Commissioner Julie Mix McPeak, said the state’s Obamacare exchange is “very near collapse,” according to her statement to the Tennessean.

McPeak is focusing her efforts on making sure there are as many insurers possible paying into the Tennessee exchange. McPeak told the press, “I’m doing everything I can to prevent a situation where that turns to zero.”

Kevin Walters, director of communications for the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that “Tennessee has struggled to curb healthcare costs,” and that the state “has some of the highest insurance claims costs in the nation.”’ - Obamacare ‘Near Collapse’ In Tennessee, Says Insurance Regulator, daily, 08/24/2016

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