Friday, May 6, 2016

ACA/Obamacare: Another Large Insurer, Humana, Might Leave the ACA Exchanges (see a pattern, huh?)

“Humana became the latest health insurer to serve notice that it might leave some Affordable Care Act exchanges next year, creating more uncertainty for customers ahead of this fall's enrollment window and presidential campaign, during which the law is sure to remain a hot debate topic.

The insurer, which is being acquired by rival Aetna, said Wednesday that it expects to make a number of changes to its business for 2017, and that may include leaving some markets both on and off the exchanges or changing prices. Humana Inc. sold coverage in 15 states this year.

"We do not take these changes lightly," spokesman Tom Noland said in an email. "We are striving to avoid unnecessary coverage disruption wherever possible."

Several insurers say they have struggled with sicker-than-expected customers and had a hard time attracting younger, healthy people to the coverage they sell on the ACA's state-based public insurance exchanges, which opened for enrollment in the fall of 2013. Some also have been hurt by temporary government support programs that haven't delivered as they were initially advertised.

UnitedHealth Group Inc., the nation's biggest insurer, said last month that it was chopping its participation in the exchanges down to only a handful of states in 2017 after expanding to 34 for this year. Aetna Inc. has said it lost more than $100 million last year on its exchange business, but it still sees potential in the new market.” - Humana Might Leave Some ACA Exchanges Next Year,, 05/04/2016

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