Saturday, January 23, 2016

ACA/Obamacare: When the Fool Proof Plan Where Nothing Can Go Wrong…Goes Wrong

“Across the country, Americans are facing substantially higher costs under the Affordable Care Act.

In most states, health insurance premiums on the individual marketplace are rising by double digits under Obamacare. Seventeen states will face average premium increases of 20 percent or more. Iowans, for instance, will see their premiums spike by 22 percent this year. In Minnesota, Alaska, Tennessee, and Hawaii, rates will rise by 30 percent or more.

Want to know where your state ranks? Type a state into the search bar to view the average rate hike and the range of premium changes individuals purchasing insurance on the individual market will face. You can also sort or export the data.” - 2016 Obamacare Premium Increase Tracker, 01/10/2016, freedom

Below is the link to the entire article. You can search any state’s ACA/Obamacare average price increase and the statistics also denote the low and high regarding price increases:

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