Thursday, August 27, 2015

ACA/Obamacare: Keep your Doctor? Not So Much. Narrow Network is the Order of the Day

“If you bought Obamacare in Georgia or Florida you most likely don't have a lot of options for choosing doctors or hospitals, according to a new study showing that some enrollees may have less choice than others.

A report released Monday found that those two states had the highest amount of Obamacare plans in narrow networks, which limit the number of physicians who are covered. The report concludes that insurers are using narrow networks as a way to keep costs down and remain competitive.

Georgia was the top state for having these narrow networks. The report from the nonprofit Robert Wood Johnson Foundation said 83 percent of Georgia's networks were narrow. Florida came in second at 79 percent, followed by Oklahoma (78 percent), California (75 percent) and Arizona (73 percent).” Obamacare's latest problem: Narrow doctor networks, Washington Examiner, 08/24/2015

Link to the entire article appears below:

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