Friday, November 21, 2014

ACA/Obamacare: Spending Figures Released on the Medicaid Component of Obamacare

‘WASHINGTON (Reuters) - One part of the Affordable Care Act is going according to plan, with U.S. states receiving and spending more money on the Medicaid health insurance program, a report released by the National Association of State Budget Officers on Thursday showed.’

‘"The large increase in federal funds to states in fiscal 2014 was almost solely due to additional Medicaid dollars, mainly resulting from the expansion of Medicaid in a majority of states under the Affordable Care Act," the association found. "While federal Medicaid funds to states increased $41.8 billion in fiscal 2014, all other federal funds to states are estimated to have declined $3.4 billion."‘

‘Medicaid spending rose the most of all states' budget areas, increasing 11.3 percent in fiscal 2014, but the federal government shouldered most of the burden. Federal funding for Medicaid increased 17.8 percent, and state dollars directed to the program only grew 2.7 percent, according to NASBO.’ - U.S. states get more, spend more on Medicaid under Obamacare: report, 11/20/2014, yahoo

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