Thursday, May 29, 2014

ACA/Obamacare: Nevada Closes Exchange, Total Price Tag for Exchanges Now Stands at $4.9 Billion

‘Nevada has become the latest state to announce it will concede Obamacare exchange enrollment responsibilities to the federal government via’

‘Nevada received $91 million in grants and, as of April 19, had enrolled 45,390 people, for a federal taxpayer cost of $2,005 per enrollee. Cover Oregon, the exchange that was never able to successfully enroll one person online from start to finish, got $305 million in federal grants and had 68,308 enrollees, so its cost was about $4,465 per enrollee. Massachusetts’s per-enrollee cost was $5,648. Hawaii received $205 million in grant money and enrolled only 8,592 people, for an astonishing per-enrollee cost of $23,859.

Worse yet, in Nevada, the federal government is now spending even more money to transition their exchange to the federal exchange.

According to Nevada’s announcement:

“The federal government will pay all costs associated with transitioning from the BOS [Xerox’s health insurance enrollment system] to Nevada will not be required to pay a monthly per -member per-month fee to for its use. The federal government will pay 90 percent of any costs incurred to disconnect Nevada’s Medicaid system from the BOS and to connect Nevada’s Medicaid system to The initial high estimates of this cost ranges between $15 – $20 million, of which Nevada must pay 10 percent.”- Nevada Gives Up on $91 Million Obamacare Exchange,, 05/28/2014

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