Thursday, February 27, 2014

ACA/Obamacare: For Whom the Pixie Dust Tolls

‘"I can't afford to go out and buy insurance while trying to start a business," said Willmus, of Colorado Springs, Colo. "Obamacare will allow me to be more comfortable at risking what I own." ’

‘Craig Mason, 59, said he has felt tied to his job as an engineer at a large defense contractor because he and his wife needed health insurance. A diabetic, he couldn't get affordable coverage on the individual market.

Now, however, he's thinking of leaving his employer in a few years to focus more on his side job, repairing and building guitars and other string instruments. He also wants to spend more time with his three grandchildren.

"I want to try something different," said Mason, a Germantown, Md., resident. "I don't want to be tied to a large corporation. The Affordable Care Act may be just the vehicle to bridge the gap until I'm eligible for Medicare." ’ - I'm quitting my job. Thanks Obamacare!, 02/25/2014

Apparently Ms. Willmus and Mr. Mason attribute their good fortune to Obamacare or The Affordable Care Act. Ostensibly the entity by the name Obamacare or Affordable Care Act is an exogenous entity that bestows low cost health insurance by its own means. Yes, the proverbial pixie dust generator!

Ms. Willmus and Mr. Mason have forgotten that other taxpayers are the means. That exogenous taxpayers are coercively made to cause the good fortune of a recipient class which Ms. Willmus and Mr. Mason have chosen to join. How very nice indeed!

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