Saturday, October 26, 2013

ACA Web Site Debacle (You Can’t Make this Stuff Up!): Fixing the Site Using the Same Company that Developed the Most Troubled Components of the Site? Huh?

“The Obama administration said Friday that it would fix problems in the federal health insurance marketplace by Nov. 30, just two weeks before the deadline to sign up for coverage to replace health insurance policies being canceled because they do not meet new federal standards.”

“Jeffrey D. Zients, President Obama’s troubleshooter on the project, said the general contractor, Quality Software Services Inc., a unit of the UnitedHealth Group, would now “manage the overall effort,” like a general contractor on a home improvement project. Notably, that company had a role in developing one of the most troubled components of the marketplace, which helped verify the identities of those registering.” - Promised Fix for Health Site Could Squeeze Some Users, NYT, 10/25/2013

Link to entire article appears below:

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