Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ObamaCare and the $125M Commercial

Do you like commercials? How about a $125 million dollar five year commercial?

Is it a new iPhone? Is it a new 100 mile per gallon auto? How about a new miracle drug?

Sorry, the $125 million five year commercial is to sell you Obama-Care. No way! Way!

Who is organizing such a commercial? The Health Information Center is organizing the five year $125 million commercial. Never heard of The Health Information Center? (1) The reason you have never heard of The Health Information Center is because it did not exist until now. The Health Information Center is supposedly being founded to "defend and depoliticize health care reform". (2) In other words, Obama-Care is so despised by the American public that Obama-Care needs a PR fix to the tune of $125 million over a five year span.

Please do remember that the mission is to "defend and depoliticize health care reform". Hmmm. And exactly who would be the contributors to this $125 million altruistic endeavor. Those entities funding the $125 million are your good friends at the a-political, never with an agenda, knights on white horses at the democratic party and unions. Nothing like unbiased organizers to provide unbiased information.

This highly a-political organization is being organized by Andrew Grossman a long time Democratic operative. Grossman's name sound familiar? That's because Grossman founded the labor backed organization Wal-Mart Watch.

'Grossman told the Politico that the lessons of Wal-Mart Watch will be helpful on health reform. "When you treat people with respect and try to understand how they interact with business and politics, you can move them," he explained.' (3) Right. Sure. Uh huh. Translation: when constituency building through entitlements one would of course think that the give aways would be self-selling and joy would exist in Mudville. Sorry. No joy in Mudville. Hence the good people of Mudville need sold on what is good for them as they apparently can't find value in Obama-Care.

Does Grossman have any helpers? Try the soon to be appointed co-chairman of this commercial campaign: Tom Daschle and Victoria Kennedy (widow of Ted Kennedy). (4) Yes sir! An unbiased group!

Enjoy the commercials as they will be with us for the next five years.


  1. Nice post. Reminds me of the old newspaper story.

    Republican staffer to his Democrat editor: Don't you think that having 90% of the staff as card carrying Democrats makes the paper biased?

    Editor: No. They're professionals. They can be counted on to leave their political bias out of it and be objective.

    Staffer: What if 90% were Republicans?

    Editor: That'd never work. You can't trust them to be objective.

    I saw that one of your comments made it to a Stossel post. Nice going.

  2. I like your phrase "constituency building through entitlements." Deadly accurate, but scary.

    With a "community organizer" as president, it is perhaps not surprising this is the economic model he is pursuing. Sadly, he is presiding over the transformation of a nation of “makers” into a nation of “takers.” I just hope America can survive the damage he causes.