Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ACA/Obamacare: And About Those Security Issues on Obamacare Exchanges….

“Obamacare’s web exchanges are “vulnerable to fraud,” according to a watchdog report Monday that says government investigators were able to get taxpayer-subsidized coverage for fake enrollees despite a brand-new safeguard against chicanery on the law’s insurance exchanges.

The Government Accountability Office said six fictitious applicants who were able to obtain private coverage and subsidies under the Affordable Care Act during its testing in 2014 were successful again in 2016, even though none of the “enrollees” had filed a 2014 tax return.”

“The GAO said that after a payment-processing error booted two of its fake enrollees, four of them were able to retain coverage — two filed paper forms that didn’t ask about the 2014 return, and two lied and said they’d filed returns.

The GAO said one of its lying customers had to verbally reassure a marketplace representative and then received a warning in May about filing a 2014 return, though coverage remained in place as of August.

“Our undercover testing for the 2016 coverage year found that the eligibility determination and enrollment processes of the federal and state marketplaces we reviewed remain vulnerable to fraud, as we previously reported for the 2014 and 2015 coverage years,” the GAO said.” - GAO: Obamacare exchanges still vulnerable to fraud, Investigators able to sneak fake enrollees by safeguards, Washington Times, 09/12/2016

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